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I have always loved photography and have been taking photos since i was ten years old..a hobby of mine that has always delighted my heart. My first camera was a bazooka Joe bubble gum company camera, i had to send in 300 wrappers and ten cents…or $3 and 2 wrappers…so i chose the latter. The camera worked and I was happy as a ten year old, taking photos…the sides were overexposed a little but it did not matter, my passion for photography had begun."

   I now own a Canon 6D camera with a macro lens, and telephoto lens, the current lens i use most is the 28 to 135 Canon."

"It is a pleasure to see what everyone is doing, what interests them and to feel the joy in their photos. I love to see the world through the eye of the lens."

When i am not taking photos...I teach and practise Reiki, along with reflexology, kinesiology and also teach music.

I love to draw and paint as well as write. So i will be uploading my art and writings here as well, as frequently as I can! I am frequently busy with clients, but will respond to anyone if they submit a message on any of my contact forms. I promise to respond as quickly as I am possible! I also have an ebook sharing a selection of writing, and Inspiring pages for the busy adult! I so look forward to sharing it! Below, there is a link to my Current Hardcover coloring book, I titled,"Coloring for Energy", If you'd like to be inspired, I encourage you to take a look!

My Healthy You website is: should you want to know more about How I can Help you become a stronger, Healtier, Happier Person through Reiki Healing!

I love nature and this magnificent world. I look forward to visiting your sites soon and enjoying your gifts and talents! You may visit me on facebook too! Lets connect, and make this world a more beautiful place, at: Simply Serendipity!

Healthy You!

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Photography Healthy You! Artwork Healthy You! Writing Healthy You! Music Healthy You! Contact Healthy You! Home Healthy You!

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