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I love to Teach Music to People of all ages!

My objective in music is to develop the musicality in all of my students. My goal is to see my students develop skills to play whatever instrument they have chosen with confidence. I enjoy teaching adults and children how to play the music they love. Encouraging them as they master each lesson and progress to the next concept. I love hearing my students play their music with feeling, and bringing the beauty of the notes out through their hands and fingers. I am moved by their progress and I have a sense of pride as I see the student continue to learn and bring their own individuality into the music. I encourage all my students to find music that they would like to play and teach it to them in conjunction with the level of music in which they are at. I always say, the course books are the steps to getting you to where you want to go, so you can pick up a piece of music, and know how to learn it on your own.

It brings me great pleasure to watch a student expand their knowledge and love for music and this gift of music will stay with them for life. It enhances an appreciation for other artists who perform publicly and my students can all appreciate the effort that this musician has put into his or her performance.

Brenda is a native Calgarian who has been teaching for decades in her home studio in Silver Springs, NW. Brenda began music lessons at the age of six and has continued to explore and play music learned through-out her life. Brenda has mastered the Piano, Organ, Accordion, and Keyboard. Brenda has studied Royal Conservatory, and has her grade seven in Piano, she has completed the Palmer Hughes course In Accordion Grade 10, as well as the Technics course for Keyboard and Organ. Brenda teaches both Children and Adults and tailors the music to each student's ability to learn. Brenda has many creative ideas to help nurture the love of music in each of her students.

One of Brendas students loves to bring her pet hamster "Porkchop" to her lessons, it sleeps upon the piano and enjoys listening to its owner play for him. Porkchop accompanies her to the piano when she is practicing and to her lesson. She will play the organ for fun and brings Porkchop with her. She even insisted on, and enjoyed continuing her lessons during her recovery from fracturing her arm! She just loves to learn and play her music, which Brenda encourages her students to do..  See her Live Video Here!

Brenda brings her passion for music, all of her creativity, and training into each lesson, to encourage her students to practice and enjoy the process of mastering their music.

Brenda has many interests and believes in inspiring her students to feel that they can accomplish anything they put their minds and hearts into. Brenda has studied extensively, and passionately in the holistic field, she has studied Reiki, and Reflexology. She is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher and Reflexologist. She enjoys Photography, Art, as well as Writing. She believes in doing all that she can to bring beauty and harmony into the world.

Brenda's Personalized Music Lesson Approach Is:

1. I set up a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere in my home studio with my students, to make them feel comfortable during the lesson.

2. I like to establish a lesson plan and practice schedule that will help my student to learn in the best way possible. Every student is an individual, so the way they learn varies.
I like to be creative in my approach to teaching them so that they understand what the new concept is about and can practice with confidence.

3. It is also appreciated when the parents have time to be involved with their children's practise schedule and to encourage them when they encounter a challenge, as it makes a huge difference when mom or dad can say something positive about what their child is playing.

4. I love to see the sparkle in my student's eyes and body language when they have grasped a technique, or performed a song well.

5. It is important for my students to enjoy the learning process and to embrace their own unique style of playing a song using the skills they have learned. To see them perform for their mom, dad, and grandparents with sparkle and confidence. Music is a skill that your child will enjoy for years to come, it helps their brain develop both sides, the right and left hemisphere. They develop the ability to think in logical terms, and then use their emotional and creative side to enhance what they have created.

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